Established since October, 2003 our Early Intervention Center caters to the needs of specially-abled children starting as early as premature born. It reaches all type of cases (out-patient or in-patient), coming directly or with referral from any medical branch.

Early Intervention program is designed for specially abled children, in collaboration with CSULA and Sacramento University USA.

Specially abled children have multiple issues and hence multiple needs.

Early Intervention is a coordinated set of services, individually planned to meet the unique needs of each child and family. It’s a move from the existing therapeutic models to a new concept of Developmental Model. It aims at providing a compherensive set of early experiences to very young children with special needs and their families. It is another way of imparting therapy of specially abled children, in a social and functional setting. Here therapy goals are embedded into play settings.

It involves assessment by means of skilled observation or evaluation through the administration of standardized tools.

We provide intervention for any problems related to paediatrics, viz., motor delay, speech delay, cognitive issues, psycho-social issues, pervasive developmental disorders etc.

Early Childhood Special Education is imparted here by well qualified interventionists with multi-therapeutic background which ensures that children get therapy and special education, both, from as early as premature birth.

We feel proud in working as an important contributing member of the multi-disciplinary therapeutic set up, serving people at Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation.

Why Choose Us ?

This department prides itself for being unique in following ways:

  • Being an Early Intervention Centre guided by international faculty.
  • It owns State-of-the-art equipments
  • We use Standardized Assessment Tools
  • Interventionists handling your children are certified from USA
  • It has Extraordinary staff-child ratios
  • Parent support groups and meetings are organized from time to time
  • Availability of Senior Consultants of various super-specialities on medical side like Chjld and adolescent Psychiatrist, Paediatric Neurologist, Geneticist etc.
  • It is a well coordinated and collaborative multi-therapeutic approach
  • Intervention starts as early as premature born/ high risk infants